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HTD-621Z Series Table Socket

Post Time :11-05-24

Product Details


*High class,Graceful,suitable for meeting table

*Soft opening/Dumping effect device pre-installed inside

Basic Mechnician data:

Panel Size: 266mm x 130mm

Panel Material: Alu-Alloy

Surface treatment: Painting                                                                  

Open style: Soft Pop-up

Interface size:6 modules

Different covers available for selection:

      HTD-621ZB(Black painting)                              HTD-621ZS(Silver painting)             HTD-621ZSS(Red wood imitation painting)

*For special requirements & OEM/ODM service, please consult us.

Outline Dimension:

Available socket combination:

HTD-621S Series has 6 modules, you can combinate sockets belows according to your own needs.

Code Size Description Code Size Description Code Size Description
F1 Single Module Small switch F8 Dual Module BS socket F15 Single Module Speaker socket
F2 Dual Module Big switch F9 Single Module Empty plate F16 Single Module Stereo socket
F3 Single Module 2 pins socket F10 Single Module Telephone socket F17 Single Module VGA socket male
F4 Dual Module 3 pins
international socket
F11 Single Module RJ45 socket F18 Single Module VGA socket female
F5 Dual Module 3 pins
multi function socket
F12 Single Module Audio socket F19 Single Module Kalon socket male
F6 Dual Module EU socket F13 Single Module Vedio socket F20 Single Module USB socket
F7 Dual Module US socket F14 Single Module TV socket