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Read More... Solutions: DK And HK cable outlet Exits for Hinged Floorbox 2011-07-01
DK Cable Exit HK Cable Exit Improvement Instruction Outlet protective port With outlet hole of big caliber,when not taking power(information),the outlet port(face) keeps flat with the plane of floorbox socket.During using, the outlet port(r
Read More... Solutions: Soft Pop-up & Damping Pop-up 2011-05-23
The floorbox is enquipped with soft starting device,the openning speed of which is 20 times slower than regular design.
Read More... Solutions: Floor box bolt-lock 2011-05-23
Improvement instruction Floor sockets are generally used in public(office)areas, to avoid inessential personal(such as children or non-office personal) to open the product conveniently,it is designed with security strengthened, as well as w