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Hent OEM Solutions

Hent is proud to be the approved manufacturer of floor boxes for many OEMs. Our ISO 9001:2000 certified manufacturing facilities have met the stringent requirements for many top electrical brands worldwide.


What selections we can offer you:

  1. Providing our existing designs for you, and your required modification on our designs is available after a perspicuous communication.
  2. A new design beyond our catalogue is also accepted based on a considerable market demand after your analysis.


Why outsource your manufacturing to Hent ?

  1. We have comprehensive machines and device ,as well as human resources
  2. We have the experienced and skilled team for OEM orders.
  3. We take your brand as our honor, and treasure her reputation in your market.
  4. Quality and Delivery date are our most concerned issues to be followed.
  5. We do respect to your SRM system and your company policies


What extra jobs you can leave to us:

  1. You can tell us what functions of a selected floor box you want it possess, we can submit our solution to you.
  2. CAD & 3D files for engineering, and package designs
  3. Logistics and Shipping service if you don’t have it in China.


Ternary systems make your OEM order safe:

Each OEM order is double checked through historic recording and latest updating before any real actions.

ISO:9001:2000 QMS is implemented strictly in production phases and files & papers archive.

Your Confidential designs, drawing, information. etc, won’t be leaked out to any 3rd Party.


You just need to do:

  1. Authorize us your permission for using your Registered Brand or Trademark.
  2. Confirming drawings, samples, other regular papers.
  3. Tell us what we should do together to make the marketshare larger.