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Our Strengths


Scale, Capacity ,Abilities:


With 35,000m2 plant area, and more than 3000 pieces per day produce capacity, we are the largest manufacturer in this field in China; and it will be doubled when our new plant once get operated; The most impressive thing is that we have full equipments to process all parts from row material into a final industrial products.

We even have established our own plating factory due to the purpose of delivery date controlling.


Strong and Attentive support:

Our engineer team has rich experience of cooperation with worldwide famous brands. They can provide you CAD drawing and Pro-E 3D model before tooling, and list you a cost-analysis before launching new project, we believe a transparent interaction will effect both of us a positive reaction in the market, and a time agenda regarding each process will be set on and follow strictly.


Order execution

We have been with producing concept of Effective and Precise, your order will be conveyed into our workshop after double checking within 24 hours, and an approved sample by you will be the only reference for the production and inspection, QC members will be set into each small production process to stop defect parts flow to next stage, and a production engineer will offer a solution once there is a technical problem occurs during the process, the only purpose of all this effort is: deliver the right thing on the right time.


Professional Sales Rep and Logistics team

Our Salesman is your Representative when your order is effective, they will defend your benefits when things come to trouble, and an updated feedback will be in your mailbox timely, and you will reach them whenever you need. The logistics team will handle your cargo safely from our plant to the harbours or airports, and all papers for Customs or your finance need will be done by them as well.