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Our Equipments

To acquire a better controlling force on executation for each single order, we tend to finish those key working process in house, and that requires us to using some advanced machines :

Intermediate frequency furnace

Function: Featured with temp-adjustable, precise, high-integrated circuit solution,

can process the raw Copper,Zinc, Aluminum from solid state into liquid state, and form alloy metal per different percentage of each element.

Die Casting Machine

Function: Featured with computer controled system,available of memorizing each mould numbers, process the raw material like Copper,Aluminuim,Zinc into shaped parts.

Meter of shot sleeve: 50,60,70mm.

Injection Machine

Originated from Germany

Function: Version for high speed injection,enable us to produce socket modulars by ourselves.

Punching Machine

Function: Featured with semi-automatic operation, stamps out copper cover with thickness up to 1.3mm and bottom case or other stretching parts.

Electrostatic spraying

Originated from Japan

Functions: high efficiency, low pollution,Sprays metallic paint over panel & cover after draw-benching process,