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Hent Electrical is one of the largest floor boxes manufacturers in the world, specially in high-quality class products of  Floor and Table Outlets produced by Hent, which are widely adopted in many projects like as Exhibition hall, Airport, Administration center and business offices, and so on.

10.2 million US Dollar revenue in 2010, of which 70% is OEM orders.
10,050 m2 of building areas.
320 employees.
Producing 3000 pieces of floor receptacles and floor boxes per day

Hent has been recognized through ISO9001:2000 Quality System Certification,and always implements criterions of it, particularly, Hent emphasizes on IPQC stage, to prevent any delay on delivery due to defective products are discovered during FQC & OQC stages.
Furthermore, 90% parts are manufactured in house, none of key parts is processed outside, which guarantees a high efficiency on QC.

Moreover,Hent attaches importance to her staffs,supports establishment of learning Associations inside the company, Hent also has been a member of UN Global Compact ever since 2009,covers 4 principles of which specifically are Human Rights, Labour, Environment, Anti-Corruption.

Hent cares much on innovation, This attitude is not only reflected in the technical level, but also integrated into the various processes, and even on the assembly operations,the patents currently Hent’s been registered reach up to more than 30,and keep applying for patent annually.